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Uncover Alimony Fraud by Using Private Investigation

Feb. 7, 2019

You have weathered a tough divorce. It has taken an emotional toll, not to mention the financial burdens incurred. You have been ordered to pay spousal support in addition to other obligations, but now your ex has found their new “The One”. Only, the payday of alimony is too sweet so your ex has chosen to have their cake and eat it too.


So, what can you do?

It’s important to first identify what constitutes as a violation of your spousal support agreement. Once this has been determined, it can be helpful to enlist the help of a professional investigator. The money saved in the long run will likely far outweigh the cost of doing so and will make your case in court much stronger. Not only will an investigation uncover information that an attorney cannot directly or easily access, but the investigator can be of great value as a witness in court proceedings.


Using Private Investigation to Uncover Alimony Fraud

Oftentimes an ex-spouse will try to misrepresent their living situation by using “fake” addresses or an address they are not in actuality occupying. An investigation can counter this through comprehensive surveillance and interviewing of neighbors and associates. Proving a pattern of movements and habits over time of both the ex-spouse and their new significant other will provide indisputable evidence. Using an investigator skilled in photo and video surveillance and well-versed in the laws regarding admissible evidence is of the utmost importance. They will have the experience to recognize when there is enough evidence and what holes need to be filled in order to create a good case.

Surveillance and interviews, while useful, may not always be all you need. An investigation may also be helpful in identifying financial trails and background information which further prove a cohabitation situation. For example, if the ex and their new love interest are sharing a bank account or splitting the burden of paying bills, this would further prove that they are living as a couple. Or perhaps they are actually married but did so in a different state so as to not be “discovered”. This may mean a simple bank account check, or it may be as complex as needing the help of a Certified Forensic Examiner to find electronic trails online or in social media.

The evidence you need must be obtained in a way that the court will deem as admissible.  Simply knowing the facts will not be enough to present a convincing case. A thorough investigation performed by a licensed and experienced investigator is one of the best ways for you to present credible proof.  


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