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Private Investigator Files: People Who Faked Their Death

March 15, 2019

Do you ever wish you could just disappear and start all over? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, sometimes people are driven to extreme lengths in their desire to get away from their problems. They fake their own deaths – but when they are caught, the consequences are even worse.

Here are a few stories of famous folks who faked their own deaths – but with the help of a private investigator or local police, they were located and had to pay the piper after all.

John Stonehouse

A British member of Parliament in the 70’s, Mr. Stonehouse had his eye on becoming prime minister. Unfortunately, he had personal problems that were getting in the way. He had an unhappy marriage and was cheating on his wife, and wanted to be with his lover instead.

Stonehouse created a fake persona, got a passport, and then seemingly drowned in Florida in 1974. Only two months later he was discovered when a banker became suspicious about a sizeable bank deposit.

They thought he might be another missing man, so they hired a private investigator to put him under surveillance. This lead to the discovery that he was John Stonehouse, and he was convicted of fraud and other offenses and served seven years in jail.

Alfred Rouse

Rouse was a man who enjoyed the company of ladies, and he had several illegitimate children to show for it. He decided he wasn’t interested in maintaining the child support payments, so he decided to fake his death.

In 1930 he picked up a hitchhiker, who he killed and placed in the driver seat of his car. He then set the car on fire, attempting to make it look like he was the one who died.

Unfortunately for him, he was spotted by two witnesses. He was arrested and tried to concoct a story where the fire was an accident, but it didn’t work. Police didn’t need the help of a private investigator to convict Rouse, who was hanged.

Takashi Mori

Sometimes it’s all about the life insurance money. In the mid-1990’s, Takashi Mori faked his own death in the Philippines so that his wife and children could collect on his life insurance of more than $6 million. He and his son falsified a death certificate and autopsy that said he drowned.

A body pulled from Manila Bay was identified by the son as belonging to his father, and them immediately cremated and sent to Japan. However, the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines was suspicious and asked investigators to verify the death.

Mori proved easy to find even without a private investigator, as he was living with his daughter-in-law in Valenzuela. He was arrested for the fraud and his wife and son were deported from Japan and charged as well.

It’s Not Worth a Death – Hire a Private Investigator

Are you tempted to fake your own death to gain money or other benefits? Don’t do it. A private investigator can find you more easily than you think.

If you are looking for someone, know that even those who don’t want to be found can be located. We’d love to help. Contact us for a consultation today!

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