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How to Keep Your Secrets Safe

March 15, 2019

Can you keep a secret?

It seems like that’s a million dollar question – because usually, the answer is “No,” and it can cost people and businesses millions of dollars when their secrets are leaked.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your secrets safe, even if you can’t always trust the people you know. Here are some tips from your local private investigator.

Be Careful With Your Activities

Honestly, the best way to keep secrets safe is to not have any to begin with. Are you doing something you might regret? Whether it’s stealing from your employer to cheating on your spouse, someone is likely to find out.

Sometimes someone suspects something, so they hire a private investigator. If this happens, no secret is safe. On the other hand, they may not think anything is wrong – yet.

Once they start to suspect, though, they can usually discover a lot – even through simple searching of public information.

So keep it simple and just don’t do things you don’t want to be discovered.

Don’t Talk On Social Media

Have you noticed that any time anyone wants to hurt someone, all they really have to do is dig through a few years of online comments? That’s why the 2019 Oscars didn’t have a host.

They had tapped someone they wanted, and guess what? Several years ago, Kevin Hart made some comments on Twitter and during comedy routines that people saw as homophobic. That’s all it took – public pressure caused Hart to back out of the gig.

Social media is forever, even if you delete your comments. If you have secrets, don’t share them online – unless you want them to haunt you forever.

In fact, if you’re a truly private person, consider not having social media accounts. That creates a lot less information about you right away – even for a private investigator!

Don’t Brag

When you watch true-crime stories, it often seems like the killer was caught by something very simple – their own ego. Usually, they just couldn’t keep the secret to themselves and had to brag to someone about what they’d gotten away with.

If you can’t keep things to yourself, your secrets will never be safe. It won’t require a private investigator to follow you and find out what you’re up to – instead, you’ll tell on yourself through your own pride.

Instead, put the whole incident out of your mind. Forget it ever happened, or it will always be on the edge of your mind, tempting you to say something about it.

Looking to Discover a Secret? Call a Private Investigator.

Maybe you’re not as interested in keeping your own secrets safe as you are about discovering someone else’s. If someone has done you wrong, it’s understandable that you want to know.

From cheating to theft to fraud, a private investigator can help you get to the bottom of the issue. We can provide surveillance, locate witness, and discreetly observe what’s going on when you’re not around.

If you want the real truth, contact us for a consultation today!

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