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How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce Case

April 1, 2018

Is there anything that isn’t public anymore? Social media has made it easier than ever to find anyone you would like and discover where they live, what they do for work, and how they spend their free time.


What you may not realize is that social media evidence – even if it was shared with only a select group of people – can impact a variety of court proceedings, including divorce. If you feel that you can’t trust your spouse, you may want a private investigator to look into things, including their social media accounts.


Social Media Evidence in the Discovery Phase

When it comes to a divorce lawsuit, a variety of papers must be filed with the court to begin the process. The first step of a lawsuit is the discovery phase. This allows each side to find out the position of the other in the divorce.

The discovery phase includes financial documentation along with other relevant documents. If a spouse has been up to no good, this can include social media evidence gathered by a private investigator. Facebook posts, tweets, photos, emails, and even Snapchat or Instagram posts can all be entered as evidence.


What You Can Prove

Social media and email can prove that your spouse has been lying about injury, disability, travel arrangements, or who they spend time with. It can also show that their finances are not what they claim them to be.

A private investigator can discover that someone has married another person while married to you, has a partner in another country, or isn’t really going on “business trips.”

Social media does not have an expectation of privacy, so if there is sufficient likelihood that there is relevant information posted on a social media account, then there is enough cause to grant access to it.


Have Additional Evidence

Social media alone might not be enough to prove the wrongdoing in your marriage. For cheating spouses, child abuse, or other significant concerns, you want to have additional evidence.

Fortunately, a high-quality private investigator has a wide variety of tools at their disposal. Sterling Investigations can do research into financial records, take surveillance, and use other methods to find the answers you need.

Having photographs, videos, and written evidence will do even more to bolster your case. Combined with social media evidence, you can prove your point of view and reach a divorce settlement that is fair for the circumstances.


A Private Investigator Can Uncover the Truth

You deserve to know what’s really going on with your marriage, your spouse, and your financial life. Social media evidence is one way to find information, but a private investigator can do much more. We’ll keep looking until you have the real truth – we find answers.

Suspecting wrongdoing is not the same as knowing. Take the next step and work with Sterling Investigations to uncover what’s going on. Perhaps you’ll gain peace of mind and discover nothing is wrong. Or, you may find out more details than you wanted, but you’ll have what you need in a divorce case.


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