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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator?

Nov. 2nd, 2019

There are few private investigators in Northwest Arkansas. There are even fewer private investigators that know what they are doing and have the ability to react properly to situations and handle ever-changing situations. 

We happen to be the exception. With over 70 years of investigative experience and a wealth fo varied experiences we are able to handle your most complex issues. When looking for complex or hidden answers the questions should not be how much it costs to hire a private investigator? The question should be who can get me the right answere and get them quickly? 


Cost vs. Quality

Although cost is an element in determining which degree of services you want to obtain, it should not be the ultimate question. When prospective clients call me and ask what our prices are I generally retort something to the effect of: “Which is more important? Is it more important that I give you a ridiculously low price for my services or is it more important that I get you the answers that you need?” If the response is focused on the cost I generally decline to be of assistance unless we can talk about the issues and I may be able to suggest an alternate way to get the answer. There’s usually more than one way to find out information. It’s also possible that they client doesn’t really know what if going to benefit them. If clients try to hire us for things that will to be of benefit or that will harm their case, I’ll point that out to them. I don’t want to do anything that is going to be a detriment. 

The costs for an investigator will vary greatly depending on the types of services desired. 

Rates for surveillance and special investigative work will generally be greater than that 

for servicing process or conducting research. Costs for conducting research will fluctuate depending on the type and number of databases that are accessed, the cost of informants, and the speed at which the information is needed. As we all know, most clients want ttthe information “yesterday” which causes the investigative agency to prioritize its list of jobs in order to accommodate their clients. 

The main reason surveillance and investigative work may be more expensive lies with one word: manpower. 

When an individual investigator is “in the field,” he is considered immobile; that is, he is unable to engage in any other activity other than the task at hand. 

On the other hand, an investigator who is conducting research may be able to complete several jobs at one location or even while in limbo, such as waiting to testify. Moreover, a detective who possesses a specialized service or has completed expert training may command a higher rate. This is sometimes necessary to cover infrequent and costly expenses such as special insurance, use of rare and sophisticated equipment and even providing expert testimony. Just like when a client goes to an attorney seeking professional advice, do not be disgruntled if an investigator informs you that a certain service will be at a premium, especially if his/her credentials justify it. 

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