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Investigative Services Can Help You Win A Child Custody Dispute

Feb. 7, 2019

If you have experienced a divorce or a break-up and have children involved, then you are most likely familiar with the strife of child custody disputes. Partners experiencing this can often lie to each other or the courts, and unfortunately, the victims of those lies are their children. To win over the courts during a custody dispute, the spouses may go to great lengths to cover up unsavory activities, unsuitable friendships, and even criminal activities.

If you are facing a child custody dispute, it can be of great benefit to seek investigative services to help uncover the truth.  A licensed investigator can find and provide proof of information that the courts will deem important when deciding child custody.  Below are 5 important ways that investigative services can help you win your case.

1. Surveillance:

A skilled investigator can provide photo and video surveillance that’s admissible, and highly regarded, in court. If you know, but can’t prove, that there’s child neglect or abuse, drug use, or other inappropriate behaviors, this is the proof you need. In addition, if your ex is making similar accusations, their testimony will have less credibility if you’ve substantiated just how unstable your ex is.

2. Background Checks:

Investigative services include thorough background checks on your ex-partner, their friends and new partners, and even other individuals in their home. These in-depth reports can reveal details that may surprise you. Such information can prove a parent unfit for custody.

3. Interview Witnesses:

A licensed investigator can locate witnesses and interview them. They will help assess whether the parent in question is fit for custodial responsibilities. Witnesses could be either willing or unwilling to share information and can include new partners or friends of your ex-partner, the children’s teachers, and neighbors. The information provided by these investigative services could have a potentially large impact on the outcome of your case.

4. Asset Searches:

 An investigator can perform an asset search on your ex-partner. This can reveal to the courts if the parent is hiding or misusing money or assets that are supposed to be used for the welfare of the children. This type of information helps reinforce to the courts the patterns of reckless behavior that makes that parent unfit.

5. Testimony:

A licensed and experienced investigator will be viewed by the courts as a reliable, impartial witness. Their testimony regarding the findings of their investigative services is admissible and will hold up in court. A sworn statement, outlining the depth of their findings, can prove your case and affect the final determination of custody in a more favorable manner for you.

A child custody battle is a difficult time for you and your children! When you’ve used a professional, licensed investigator to help you gather the information that you need for your case, you’ll have greater peace of mind and have confidence that you’ve covered all the bases necessary to win a sticky child custody dispute.

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