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A Private Investigator Can Net High Dividends in Divorce Cases

Oct. 2nd, 2018

In the case of divorce, investing in a licensed Private Investigator can greatly alter what you take away from the marriage as well as save you undue stress. Information and assets can be uncovered which may change the entire outcome of your case including the grounds for divorce, child custody, asset allocation and alimony.  

The reason for divorce can carry with it different considerations when rewarding assets, custody and alimony among other things.  Surveillance can provide the proof necessary to change a no-fault divorce to one of infidelity or other misconduct, altering the outcome.  This can include but is not limited to video, photo and audio evidence, as well as witness testimony when the time comes. A good investigator will know what evidence can be helpful and how to make sure it is admissible in court so that you can benefit from the information.

Oftentimes a spouse may hide activity and assets which affect final determinations in a divorce case, making a thorough background and asset search worth its weight in gold.  If your partner is hiding property, funds, investments or the like in an attempt to lessen spousal rewards, an investigator can access databases and searches that the general public cannot.  Additionally, if they are lying about employment or altering spending habits to misconstrue income, an investigation including asset search and surveillance can be extremely useful. An experienced and licensed investigator has many tools at their disposal which can prove such activity in a legal way, making it easier to achieve the outcome you desire.

Phone and Computer Imaging can be utilized whether trying to prove an affair, find account information, monitor activity and associations, or prove employment and assets.  There are many laws surrounding how this can be done and what makes it legal and admissible in court. Licensed investigators can help navigate and direct this process as well as dissect the forensic evidence recovered to build a solid case. It’s important when utilizing such imaging techniques that you have a certified computer expert working on your case to ensure admissibility, credibility, and compliance.

The testimony and reports from a licensed investigator will be taken seriously and serve as proof of any information uncovered.  This helps not only if a divorce goes to trial but even during deposition and mediation. Having substantiated information opposing counsel doesn’t have could be just what you need to get a fair and just outcome.  

Depending on the case, investing in a trusted and licensed investigator may be the best way to ensure a solid case and a positive outcome in divorce situations.  It could mean the difference between paying or receiving alimony, whether you have custody of your children or not, or even how much say you have in your own career and life decisions as you move on.  Sterling Investigations can provide all necessary services and works closely with attorneys and their clients to help provide a better outcome in divorce cases without spending more than is needed.

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