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How Can a criminal Investigator Benefit an Attorney?

Oct. 2nd, 2018

When it comes to private investigators, there seem to be many misnomers among attorneys.  A criminal investigator is not sneaky, unethical characters straddling the fence between the dark underbelly of society and the world of common man.  In fact, good a criminal investigator make an excellent if not invaluable addition to any law practice. We are not bound like law enforcement by due process and as such can legally and ethically obtain information to help leverage an attorney’s position.

We are great at locating people and assets.  Consider a case where that one witness could make all the difference but no one has seen them in years.  Or perhaps you need to find a missing heir. A trained investigator can access databases, conduct interviews, or use old-fashioned gumshoe skills to find someone for an attorney.  We can also locate hidden or offshore accounts that a simple bank search will not reveal without a court order. Whether it’s for a divorce case, a business disagreement, estate settlement or something else, knowing what real estate, valuable property and vehicles are at stake is imperative and may alter the outcome of an entire case.  

We can enforce judgments.  Every attorney knows that a judgment is only worth the paper it’s written on if there’s no way to enforce it.  A licensed investigator can help locate and secure current assets. We can identify and prove attempts to transfer, hide or misrepresent assets by utilizing many different tools we have at our disposal.  Sometimes a thorough surveillance can be used and other times it could be asset searches, interviews, or searches of various databases not available to the general public.

We can get inside the oppositions head.  How much easier would it be to negotiate a deal or cross-examine a witness if an attorney knew who they were dealing with? What are their patterns of behavior and weaknesses?  What does their past tell you about how they react under pressure or how reliable they are? Conversely, what could the opposition know about you? Having the answers to these questions is possible with the help of an criminal investigator and will absolutely elevate an attorney’s position at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.  

We can collect and review electronic evidence and provide invaluable surveillance information.  An investigator can access even deleted electronic files from computers, cell phones and the like which is admissible in court.  We can also provide irrefutable video or photographic evidence from surveillance which can clinch an attorney’s case in court. Cases concerning infidelity, child custody, illegal activity, alimony, corporate theft and so many more can benefit from such evidence.

We can “reconstruct” history.  Using our investigative experience and tools, PI’s can piece together evidence to show how an accident occurred, research family history to locate heirs, track a corporation’s history or piece together chain of title in a real estate dispute. In each of these cases, the history of what happened is key in arriving at a fair and just outcome.  This is tedious work that an attorney may not want to spend time on and can become very expensive for a client when done by a law firm.

We enjoy working with attorneys and love to make their job easier.  Our experience and tools often provide more accurate information and in a shorter timeframe at a lower price tag. Hiring a reputable, insured and licensed investigator is key.  While an criminal investigator cannot guarantee results to an attorney or their client (we cannot control what facts exist), we can guarantee open communication, hard work, and legal results.  

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