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Cheating Spouse

Nov. 7th, 2018

Many people turn to a private investigator when they suspect they have a cheating spouse.  According to the most recent General Social Survey, 20% of married men and 13% of married women admit to cheating, and infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce.  Some clients simply want to know if their suspicions are true and others want solid evidence to give them an upper hand during divorce proceedings. Either way, involving a professional can be a beneficial and wise decision.  It can also be very intimidating and seem extreme to hire a professional. A good private investigator understands this and will take the time to explain their process and review your situation before moving forward in an investigation of a cheating spouse.

The biggest catalyst for hiring a private investigator is for legal proceedings.  Although many states are “no-fault” divorce states (meaning it doesn’t matter whether an affair occurred or not), having proof can still be immensely beneficial.  Oftentimes the cheating spouse won’t want the truth to be known in a public courtroom or in divorce documents, giving you an upper hand during settlement discussions.  In some states, having proof could give grounds to sue your spouse’s lover for damages under Alienation of Affection laws. In states that don’t have no-fault divorce or in the case of a prenup with an infidelity clause, an affair could greatly impact custody, alimony, and asset division. Lastly, even in no-fault states, if a significant amount of money was used for the affair(s) and this can be proven, the cheating spouse could owe that money back in a divorce.  

Sometimes an investigator finds no proof at all that a spouse is being unfaithful, and this is exactly what the client is looking for.  The cost of an investigation is well worth the peace of mind to know there is in fact not a cheating spouse and can help to refocus what other issues there may be in a marriage.  There may also be a situation where friends or family are insisting that a spouse is being unfaithful and having definitive proof that they are mistaken can put issues to rest and allow relationships to move on.  

When a licensed investigator approaches a possible cheating spouse case, there are many different things they may look at.  Good old-fashioned surveillance can be a great initial step although it is not always necessary. In this modern age, electronic devices and the internet are almost always looked at as well.  Investigators can do extensive background, find information and use history (even if it’s been deleted) on computers, cell phones, and other devices, and can find patterns and evidence through financial records.  All of these steps require experience and access to different resources that are outside the scope of most laymen. For this reason, it is beneficial to involve a private investigator if infidelity is suspected.

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