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Benefits of Partnering with Sterling Investigations Criminal Investigator


Better settlements and peace of mind for your clients. Our licensed and experienced criminal investigators provide critical court admissible information needed to build strong child custody and divorce cases.  

Proof of truth. Our professional surveillance team provides documented proof of infidelity or in a custody case of the child’s living conditions.

Predict Your Opponent’s Next Move. We provide you with your opponent’s history and pattern of behavior.  We provide documented evidence for the discovery phase so you know if your opponent is truthful or not.  

Be prepared for court. Our report provides details of events and individuals who visit while the child is present including a full background if requested.  Infidelity case details provide you with everything we observe while the subject was being unfaithful.

Have background information. We provide you with critical information so you know who is actually involved with the subject.  Find out if the subject socializes with a criminal or someone who has an unsavory character.

Know what assets are really available. We help you identify current assets and hidden assets that might have been transferred to family members, friends or other parties.  We provide state or national bank account searches.

Know who the subject is corresponding with on social media.  Our computer forensic examiner will provide you with ammunition even if your opponent has deleted text messages, emails, photos, videos, and websites.  

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